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Nominated for the Victorian Teacher of the Year Awards for excellence in teaching, Archie was a secondary school teacher before writing his first novel and deciding to pursue a writing career fulltime. 


Archie has worked as a Features Writer for three international magazines, travelling extensively to gather and write stories which earned him a role as senior translator for a marque European car magazine. 


Since the publication of his award winning novel Sparring With Shadows in 1997, Archie has devoted his time to writing several other novels, a series of text books, and has developed and delivered countless creative writing workshops for students and teachers, children and adults in schools and unviersities, as well as festivals and literary functions both in Australia and overseas. 


For the past 15 years Archie has been a much sought after presenter, and workshop facilitator at schools all over Australia, often delivering keynote and motivational speeches which has inspired and challeneged listeners. Archie's presentations are always in high demand and rotation, making him one of the busiest presenters in Australia. 



Archie's awards are varied, and range from those recognising his writing, to awards presented for his public speaking.


Included amongst these awards are the following:


  • The Alan Marshall Short Story Award

  • The FAW Playwrights Award

  • The Mary Grant Bruce Award (Twice)

  • The Lydall Hadow Short Story Award

  • The Canberra Times Short Story Award

  • The Henry Savery Award

  • The Italy in The World Literature Award

  • The Premio Globo Tricolore Award from Italy (for Literature)

  • Master of Ceremonies - Public Speaking Award

  • The Family Therapists Book of The Year Award

  • 2015/16 Nino Sanciolo Art Price (Literature)


In 2013, Archie was awarded the prestigious ISS Institute Literature Fellowship, sponsored by the Italian Services Institute and award by Sir James Gobbo. He travelled to Italy to present his work and gather research material in 2014. 


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